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V-Bell is Based on VOIP SIP protocol design.
DP-140 support 720P High resolution CMOS Camera. Let you gate High video Quality.
Build-in Acoustic Echo Cancellation DSP
provided a good voice quality.
Easy Installation on your home. When your visiter press door bell button can access you to audio and video talk at anytime anywhere.
you can release lock remote for visit.
You can check it from anytime and anywhere.

2.從Apple 或Google商店 免費下載“DoorGuard" APP。
3. 在智慧手機上執行安裝APP:
a. 先申請一組帳號和密碼
b. 輸入帳號和密碼
c. 新增門口機,掃描DP-104上的QR條碼。
d. 在APP上點選新增的Door phone就可以進行雙向語音和視訊的對講功能。也可打開門鎖。
4. 以可以將此DP-104分享給你信任的人,他們也會接聽到來訪者的視訊門鈴電話。

This Video for demostration DP-104.
Visitor press bell button.
Onwer's iPad ringing. answer and voice talk.
Release lock and hungup.
門口機與SIP Video Phone介紹:
This video want to show DP-104 can interwork with most SIP video phone ( as linphone ).
Avadesign DP-104 SIP IP Video Door Phone is a IP Video Intercom Solution. DP-104 Support 720P video resolution CMOS comera and H.264 Video codec. It base on VoIP SIP protocol. It can register on SIP IP-PBX or use sip peer to peer call setup. DP-104 have support good Acoustic Echo Cancellation.
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